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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Let's Talk Budgets

I know for many of my once a month paycheck friends, today is the best day of the month=== Pay Day!  So I am writing this post mainly for them (and myself) as we start over this month thinking "I am going to do better with my money this time".

First of all ... it is sooo important to make a budget each month but even more important to stick to it!  Trust me, I have learned the hard way on this too many times.  I would often find myself thinking where in the world did all our money go?  Too many times, I made a budget but never stuck to it.  It's always good to have a plan but if you never follow your plan, what good does that plan do you?

So I compiled a few budgeting tools that have helped me out tremendously!  It is very important for me to pay off my debts and build a good savings.  These are just a few tools that I have found to really help me with my monthly budgets.  I have other worksheets for paying off my debt and savings but I will save those for another post.

I created this budget sheet that I love!
First I add up the total of all our paychecks for the month.  We get paid differently so it is easier for me to look at it as a total first and then split among paychecks later. 
In the purple home box, I list the things such as the mortgage, utilities, cable, and internet as well as my house cleaner and improvement projects.  In the orange transportation box, I list things such as car payments, insurance, and gas.  The yellow other box is for things such as daycare, preschool, and dance class tuition as well as extra savings.  In the pink debt box, list any debts you may have such as credit cards or any other item you may have financed.  In the blue special events box, I budget for any extra things coming up in the month such as showers and parties, trips, and other events that might cost a little extra. 
In the green box, I just list the amount for each of those things.  Giving and grocery are exactly that.  I always try to put giving on top because I believe it should be the most important part of our budget (more on that later).  Jarrod and I both get a set amount of spending money to do whatever we want to do with each month whether it be a new shirt, a hunting toy, or a girl's date!  Everything that we regularly spend money on each month such as eating out, doctor trips, medicines, and just all the stuff besides grocery we tend to buy on a regular basis go into this category.  I found a great blog that I has a great envelope system and explains this a little better.  I stole several budgeting ideas from her!
A few other tools I use each month that I love I found at the One Beautiful Home Blog are this bill pay worksheet and this $25 a week savings worksheet she created that I think is a wonderful idea.  You can find all of her budget tools here but these are my favorites!
I know this is a long post but I figured since this is the last day of the month, it would be a great time to get ready for a more financially fit March!

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