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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Water Recipe

I have heard about a billion times that the key to everything healthy is drinking water... it makes your skin clearer, it makes you skinnier, it makes your hair prettier, it makes you happier and wealthier.  I am not a big water drinker.  I fix a huge glass on my desk every day and it really just sits there mostly.  I might have half of it gone by the end of the day.  So I found this really good water recipe on Pinterest (yes I know calling it a water recipe is goofy but I couldn't come up with anything better).  So I made this drink and I have already had 3 whole glasses of it today!!  It is seriously delicious!  I get water and something sweet at the same time! 
I use my big Tervis tumbler and put in 6-8 frozen strawberries, 1/2 a lemon, and a few mint leaves and then fill with ice and water!  It's that easy!  And it even looks pretty! 
I am really trying to jump back on the healthy eating bandwagon.  This whole month I have pretty much ate whatever was in site... french fries, cookies, chicken fingers, COKES... and I really do feel like crap.  I feel blubbery and my skin is terrible and considering I have not changed anything else about my skin care routine, I know it is my greasy fatty diet that has caused it all!  So back to healthy eating it is!  Out goes the greasy fatty processed foods, in goes the healthy nutritous veggies... and the water!

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