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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby Names

I was reading some of Kelly's Korner's older SUYL posts and ran across one that was baby names!  I love names... Sometimes I wish I had about 10 kids just so I could name them all of the wonderful names I love (guess I will just have to get some fish instead and name them).  There were three things that were very important to me when naming my kids: 
1 - Do not just call them by their middle name.  Thankfully my mother was smart enough to call me by my first name but I have seen so many of my friends and family who are "middle namers" struggle with this their whole lives!  I still don't know what my poor grandmother's name is because half the people call her by her first name but the other half call her by her middle.  And I feel so bad for the kids at school that always have to correct the teacher because on the roll of course they are listed by their first name and oh my the struggle that a middle namer has to go through to get their name changed after marriage!  So, rule number one was no going by middle names!
2 - No misspelled or made up names.  One thing I can't stand is a normal name spelled crazy.  That is just asking for confusion for that poor child and just trouble and problems throughout their life because nobody knows how to spell their mispelled name!
3 - A normal name that is not too popular.  I wanted something that is classy and can stay with them their whole life.  Not a name that makes people make a funny face when they hear it or say "um where did that come from"?  But, I also didn't want them to have the same name as every other kid in their class like the Brittanys and Jessicas in my class. 
Baby #1 - Hadley Elizabeth
Jarrod actually named Hadley.  I had always had a list full of baby names for my children before Hadley came along and of course that name was no where on the list.  There is a hunting camp Jarrod wants to go to named Hadley Creek and oneday he was talking about it and was like that would be a pretty name and I was like of course!  It met all my "name rules" and I didn't know any other Hadleys so it was perfect.  Elizabeth is my middle name and has always been one of my favorite names.  I quickly fell in love with Hadley Elizabeth and it fits her so well.  I honestly don't even remember the other names we discussed before Hadley.
Baby #2 - Hunter Claire
Nobody ever warned me how much harder it is to name the second child than the first!  Especially when it is of the same sex!  I wanted an H name that didn't sound like Hadley or end in an "ey" sound and of course still wanted it to meet my other name rules.  I wanted Harlow and Jarrod said NO WAY and that it was totally out of the question.  He wanted Harper Jo but I said it was way too popular.  So we went back and forth for awhile and got no where.  I have always loved the name Claire but I really wanted an H name so I couldn't use it either.  Hunter was a family surname and was always on my boys list but I had never really considered it for a girl even though I do love boy names on girls.  So we decided to put it with Claire and go with the double name (which I also love).  I am in love with Hunter Claire's name although it drives me a little nuts when someone just calls her Hunter ... yes I am going to be THAT mom that always corrects you when you don't call her both names! 
Like I said before, I wish I had about 10 other kids to name to... Keenum, Hollis, Lane, John Ross, Harlow, Ruth Anne, Laura Glenn, Anne Catherine, Jeanne Frances... but I highly doubt that happens so I will just dream on about all the lovely names out there!

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