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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Hadley

Happy Birthday Hadley!  I can not believe that it has been 4 years since my sweet little 8lb, 6oz little blonde hair daddy-looking baby joined our family!  She is such a fun age and I love everything about it (well except for the stubbornness and whining)!  Her fun personality and sweet imagination make me smile every day and I will definitely miss these days.  She is growing up WAY too fast!


For my little girl... 15 things I will miss about you being 3...

1 - Your love for plastic shoes!

2 - The way you play with your Barbies.

3 - How excited you get over the smallest things.

4 - And the little eek you make when you get really excited!

5 - When you tell everyone "My mama said..." even when I didn't really say it.

6 - Your "funny kisses"

7 - Your sweet singing voice that sings all the wrong words.

8 - The way you ask "is this beautiful" when you've dressed yourself…

9 - And the little "thanks" you give when I say yes even though it doesn't match at all!

10 - The 800 good night hugs and kisses you give when you are trying to stall at bedtime.

11 - How you pick the same books to read every single night.

12 - Your love for Dancing with the Stars and all things pretty, glitzy, and dancing!

13 - How you tell me "because sometimes I'm just shy. I don't know why." when I ask you why you are so quite at dance class.

14 - The way you talk to the babies like you are grown!

15 - But most of all, how sometimes you just want your Mommy.
She is such a beautiful and loving little girl with a huge heart and even bigger imagination and I pray she always stays that way!  I know I can't stop her from growing up but I just pray I cherish every moment of it!



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