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Saturday, July 19, 2014

15 things I will miss for HC

Since I shared Hadley's "15 things" I figured I would do the same for Hunter Claire!  She has gotten such a personality and is so funny now!  I love this age!

For my baby... 15 things I will miss about you being 14 months old..

1 - The way you greet me every time I come in the door.
2 - Your love of baby food pouches and how quickly you can suck one down.
3 - Your sweet little smile.
4 - The way you show off your muscles.
5 - When you ask for "more" in sign language.
6 - Your reaction when you hear music... you dance every single time!
7 - Your half laugh/half growl when I ask you if you are funny.
8 - The way you stand by your high chair when you are hungry.
9 - Your love to eat… All The Time!
10 - How excited you run to the tub at bath time.
11 - That you love to be held in the mornings.
12 - And rocked at night.
13 - Your sweet singing voice and how you always sing when you get busy.
14 - How much you love your sister.
15 - And how much you love to be close to your mommy... especially when you sleep!

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