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Thursday, April 27, 2017

And then you were Thirty...

On this very day, thirty years ago, I was welcomed into a world full of bright colors and big hair.  Whitney Houston’s I Want to Dance with Somebody was playing on the radio as Ronald Reagan prepared his “Tear down this wall!” speech.  Lethal Weapon was playing at the movies and all the grown ups just wanted to go to “where everybody knows your name” while all their kids wanted to be a Cosby Kid.  

My first decade was spent playing with Barbies and baby dolls and arguing with my sister on who got to the be the mama.  I learned to love to read and how to throw a ball.  I put lots of miles on my bike and roller blades and dreamed of growing up to be Alice in Wonderland or a meteorologist.

I loved school and my teachers and spent my days learning about clouds, letters, cursive, and multiplication. My biggest goal in life was to be the AR winner. I spent my Friday nights watching Full House, Step by Step, and Growing Pains.  I vacationed at the beach, visited Disney World, and even got to go to the Olympics.

I entered my second decade right as the world was mourning the loss of a Princess.  I welcomed a new Millennium and discovered the amazingness of instant messaging.  I watched the towers fall and learned to drive. My love for sports grew and I loved the feeling of competition and playing on a team.  I spent most of my days in the gym or on ballfield. 

I learned that girls can be really mean but I also learned that girlfriends are the best. I fell in love with a boy.  I listened to Backstreet Boys and Tim McGraw on “burnt” cds with my portable CD player and watched lots of Baywatch and Saved by the Bell. I ended my teenage years with some of the very funnest days of my life.

My third decade was welcomed in with a sweep in the new softball stadium at Calhoun (finally).  I spent my days with some amazing friends having lots of fun together.  I went on a few super memorable trips and spent most of my time going to school, babysitting, or lazing around by the pool. 

I graduated college and started my career in a job that I really loved (and still do).  I got married and became a mom. I discovered that life isn’t always easy and that I can never make it without leaning on my God.

I learned the importance of family and said good bye to some really special people.  I spent my days being a grown up and contributing to society all while balancing checkbooks, ball games, school work, chores, and saving a little time to spend with those I love the most.  I witnessed tragedy and heartache up close but also experienced indescribable joy. I have accomplished big goals and set lots more.

So here I am at another chapter of my life and I am so happy with where I am.  I have lived and loved and cried and laughed (and changed hair colors at least 45 times).  I have traveled to some amazing places, met some wonderful people, and shared so many cherished memories over the years. 

 I can only imagine what the next thirty years have in store.  I hope to grow more, learn more, and achieve even more.  I hope to share more love, more laughs, and more joy than I can even begin to imagine.  So here's to you Chapter 30... let's keep writing this story. 

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