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Friday, April 21, 2017

Easter 2017

I have decided Easter may be one of my most favorite holidays.  It is kind of like a little laid back mini version of Christmas but still just as much fun... and a lot more enjoyable outside!

I was so thrilled to be able to skip a few hours of work last week to join Hadley for her class egg hunt at school.  A few of us parent hid what we thought were a ton of eggs and the kids proceeded to pick them all up in a whole 2.4 seconds but it was fun while it lasted!  I am always so amazed to watch Hadley's teacher and how great she is with 17 little ones and am so thankful to have her to teach my baby each day.  After the egg hunt, I got to stay and enjoy lunch with Hadley and her class.

Hunter Claire also had her egg hunt at school on Thursday so we had to divide and conquer.  I sent my sister and dad to her party while I went to Hadley's.  The Easter Bunny stopped by for a visit and apparently, HC was not a fan.  But she had fun hunting her eggs and eating popsicles.

The girls were out of school Friday so we enjoyed a day getting our hair done (Praise the Lord) and running around town a little bit.  After dance, my mom and I took the girls to the movies to FINALLY see Beauty and the Beast!  It was really good and we all loved the movie and our $40 worth of popcorn and coke (insert eye roll emoji here).

On Saturday, our church hosted a fun egg hunt and cook out.  I volunteered Jarrod to run the grill so we were busy cooking hotdogs for most of the morning while the kids ran around playing games and such.  But we still all had a really great time.  It was a fun time with our church family!

Saturday evening we went to my sister's house for a little egg hunt with some of our long time friends and their babies.  I just can't get over how big all these babies are getting!

After we settled down Saturday night, we finally got around to dying eggs with our little kit we bought like a month ago.  This was my first egg dying experience at our house and if you don't count the half dozen eggs we dropped or cracked before we even got to dye them, it was a pretty successful event.  After the egg dying, Hadley requested that we read the Easter Bible story and then all go around the room and say "He is risen!"  Oh how I so admire that child-like faith.

We woke up Sunday morning to overflowing Easter baskets and our freshly dyed eggs scattered around the house.  After indulging in a little chocolate, we got dressed in our fancy Easter frocks and went to breakfast at our church.  I always love seeing everyone on Easter Sunday!  It is always such a special day for our church.

After church, we went to my mom's house to do Easter with my family this year.  We hunted more eggs and ate a few plates of food and indulged a little bit more on some special treats and the girls even got to have a little fun in their swim suits and new flip flops.

It was one of my most favorite Easter weekends ever.  I loved getting to share so much time with our family and friends and each other celebrating our Savior's love for us!

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