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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Shooting Stars

We officially kicked off softball season at the Harrison house.  Hadley is on the Shooting Stars this year and we have had a fun few weeks getting started.


Hadley didn't really want to play this year at first but decided after she got her glasses that she would be able to hit it really good and wanted to sign up but only if I would be her coach.  So I volunteered to help out and we are both enjoying it so much. 

They started the season with a special opening day.  The day started with a little parade and then each team and player got announced in front of everyone.  It was a beautiful day and the Shooting Stars even came with the win for the day.

We had a really really great first experience with softball last year so I was a little worried this year wouldn't be as great but I could not ask for a better little team for Hadley. She has already made lots of new friends and has improved so much (she says it's because of her new glasses). 

I am so proud of her and we are looking forward to lots of fun games ahead!

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