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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer's End

I'm The last week of summer has officially come to an end.  We have had the most wonderful summer filled with all sorts of fun stuff and I am so sad to see it come to an end.  I love getting to spend time with family all throughout the summer and it makes me so sad to think about how much they will grow before next summer.  But I love to watch them learn and grow even though it makes me super sad how quick it all goes by.

My family has a "Back to School" get together each year so we celebrated that earlier this week.  But it was absolutely impossible to get a picture of all the "students."  When HC doesn't want her picture taken... she reeeallly doesn't want it taken.  Like literally falls out on the floor in refusal but I did try to sneak in a few pics.  

We started back to dance this past week and little sister even got to go.  Bless her heart though, she tripped and face planted on her way in so pretty much just cried the rest of her class begging to go.  But when it was time for Hadley's class, she cried because she couldn't go in and stay with her.  Maybe next week will be better because how stinking adorable are these little ballerinas?

Thursday night, Hadley got to go to her preschool and meet her teacher (who just so happens to be the same teacher she had last year).  She is sooo excited and cannot wait to go back to Little Tots and see her friends!

We had a huge rain all day Thursday and our neighbors got a nice little puddle in their ditch.  So, the girls asked if they could splash in it.  That little splash turned into two completely covered muddy girls!  You would've thought they had found the best thing in the whole world based on the way they were laughing and playing... even our sweet neighbors had to come out and watch all the fun.

Friday, we had little girls day running errands.  Jarrod grilled us steaks and we just enjoyed playing outside and enjoying the little break from the heat.  

Sunday, we celebrated Papa's 70th Birthday!  The girls really love their Papa so much!  

We also attempted to get the kid's pictures made in their Elkmont clothes for the football program but that was a huge flop.  However, I did get a few good ones ... just not all together.  Thank goodness for photoshop, right?

We had a back to school bash at church Sunday night and the girls had a blast playing on all the water slides and inflatables.  Jarrod somehow even got talked into getting in the dunk tank!  Even though it was 9 million degrees, we all had a great time!

Sorry for the picture overload but we've had a full week to share!  What a great way to end our summer!

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