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Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites - Three Day Hair

So I have always hated washing my hair... or more so drying it than washing it to tell the truth.  It just takes so long and makes my arms tired and I just don't like it.

I was "blessed" with extremely thick hair which I am very thankful for until it comes to washing and drying it.  I used to think that I had really oily hair and had to wash it every single day or it would be yuck.  But after doing a little research and browsing, I discovered soooo many women who were going several days between washes and figured I would give it a try.   

My friend suggested Living Proof products to me.  They are kinda pricey but she just kept raving about them so I bought the travel size to give them a try.  These products have seriously made the biggest difference for me.  They don't leave my hair feeling gunky or oily and the smell is great.  I use the shampoo and conditioner from the Perfect Hair Day line.  There are several different lines so you just have to pick whichever is best for your type hair.  After washing my hair, I spray the root lifting spray and comb the Perfect Hair Day styling cream through my hair while it is damp.  I then just blow dry it upside down.  I usually either style with a curling iron or round brush on day one and may mist it with just a tiny bit of hair spray.

I sleep with it down because my hair creases very easily with a ponytail.  On Day 2, I usually shower with my shower cap (don't laugh at me because I promise it helps).  I then apply some Tresemme Dry Shampoo to my roots and hit it with the blow dryer for a second to give me some volume.  This is the best dry shampoo I have found so far (although Living Proof just came out with one so I may have to give it a try). It does seem to leave a bit of light residue if you have darker hair though.  I run a little John Freda Secret Weapon Touch Up Creme to tame any crazy hairs and then re-curl with the curling iron or throw in some hot rollers to style.  I finish with a bit of hair spray.  I like the Kenra 14 because it is a "working" hairspray and doesn't leave my hair sticky or stiff.      

Once again, I sleep with it down and then shower with my shower cap (seriously stop laughing at me).  Day three, I use the same products as day two but usually either pull it up and wear some type of braid (braids do wonders for hiding "dirty" hair -- you can find some great tutorials here and here) or an elastic head band.  I love the cute head bands with my hair pulled up in it.  It makes it look like I really did something special when it really takes like a whopping two minutes to do.

I am definitely not a hair stylist or have any type of hair education but this is just what works for me lately and I love it!  I used to think I could never go more than a day between washes but turns out, I was just using the wrong products and the more I washed my hair, the more oil it produced.  Some of these products are a bit pricey and some are super cheap so it all works out.  You can buy them all at Ulta .  

Anyways... this routine has seriously made my life so much easier so just thought I would share!

Happy Friday my friends!

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