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Sunday, August 30, 2015

What I Read - Radical

I have just recently discovered audio books and I must say that I am so glad I did!  And better yet, I can rent them from my local public library for FREE!  I can download these books on my phone and computer and listen whenever I want.  I spend over an hour in my car every day going back and forth to work and I have recently been listening to these audiobooks during this time.  So I guess instead of saying "What I Read" I should say more like "What I Listened To" but o-well!

I just finished up Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt.  This is my second book to read by Platt and it was just as challenging and moving as the other.  Platt really challenges you to think about your life and your possessions and how you spend your time and money and look at it in a way that God wants us to look at our resources.  He challenges you to think more about the world and all the lost and needy people and think about what are you doing to help them?  Or are we too busy trying to satisfy our own worldly wants and needs to take the time to even think about these people, much less sacrifice something in our own lives to further the gospel?

I could never put into words all the great things I got out of this book, but I do highly encourage everyone to read it.  You can find out more information about the book and the study that accompanies it at this website. 


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