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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Chickfila Race Day!

We have been so busy lately with everything going on. Between our air conditioner going to capoot and something on the calendar just about every day, I haven't hardy even had time to stop and breathe. 

So I was so excited to finally get a morning to myself to go and run the Chickfila 5K! Every year I say I am going to run it but never have so I was really glad to finally get to. I showed up early and got my race packet which included a free Chickfila frosted lemonade (totally worth running 3 miles for in my opinion). 

The race started downtown and the route went a few roads around town which were pretty flat and easy to run except for there was only a tiny bit of shade. But I managed to finish better than my last race time so I was super proud of that! And even more proud when I realized it was first in my age group! 

And another bonus were the chicken sandwiches they handed out after the race! Plus the prizes were lots of free Chickfila meals so that just made it all totally worth it!

So glad I finally got to run a race in town and so surprised I actually won something! Already looking forward to the next race soon! 

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