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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Purple Dress

I was blessed with a very strong willed and opinionated daughter who is 100% girly girl with a large dose of a diva added on top. She loves clothes and makeup and jewelry and "sashion" and she also really loves her little purple dress. She is highly independent and hard headed and prissy. And that's what makes her the fancy little girl she is. 

I so love her for all that she is. She keeps me entertained (to say the least) with her performances and fashion shows but she  also tests my patience and some days I swear will make me gray headed before 30 due to our fights over what she wears... And she's not even 5 yet!!

The girl has a closet full of smocked dresses, dresses with bows and flowers, ruffle shorts, monogrammed tops, sweet little sandals, and big beautiful hair bows! And as much as she loves "sashion" her tastes is a little different than mine so every single day is a struggle when we have to get ready to go somewhere. 

So that all being said.... In comes the purple dress. She literally wears it every single day that it is clean. Not sure what it is that she loves so much about it but after our clothing debates every day, she somehow convinces me to settle on that purple dress every single time. 
So what's a mama to do when her child won't wear anything in her closet but the little purple knit dress? Why she orders 3 more in different colors! 
So please don't judge me if you happen to see my child in the same outfit every time you see her! Just please understand the struggle that goes on as I try to clothe my strong willed fashionista. I promise it's clean! We wash it every night!

And ps-- every one of these pictures are from different days over the past couple of weeks. I really am not exaggerating when I say she picks it every time! 

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