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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Advocare Cleanse

Summer is officially here! Which means bathing suit season! Last summer I worked really hard and traded in my mom tank swim skirt for a bikini. However, all that hard work has seemed to slowly fade away over the last few months as Kreme Delite and Taco Bell have called my name far too often. 

Our beach trip is quickly approaching and I really don't want to have to pull back out my mom suit so I'm super excited about trying the Advocare cleanse. 
Jarrod and I have both tried several Advocare products before with pretty good results so I'm really expecting this cleanse to really help me get a jump start and get back on track. I have never really used any cleanse products before besides a few DIY Pinterest ones that tasted so disgusting I couldn't hardly even get them down after the first taste. 

Once I finish this 10 day cleanse, I will start the 2 week MNS-C supplements. The cleanse, supplements, and a much healthier focused diet should hopefully help get me beach ready in time to sport this super cute new bikini that I ordered from Target! 

Who knows-- they may even ask me to model it! (Totally kidding about that fo sho!)

And did I mention how absolutely wonderful the watermelon spark is?!?! Why did it take me so long to try it? Thanks to my friend Melesa for suggesting it for me! 

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