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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fun and Busy

We had such a fun filled and busy weekend! Friday night was Elkmont's prom and Hadley was so excited to get to go see Eli and his girlfriend all dressed up! And needless to say in full Hadley fashion, she picked out her "prom clothes" to join in as well.
She was so excited to get all dressed up and join the fun!
She said it was the perfect prom night! And I may be a little biased but aren't Eli and Raleigh a good looking couple?

Saturday was a super busy day! We started out the day at the ballfield to watch our nephew play tee ball. Of corse we had to have a snow cone! And they actually shared nicely! 

After the game, we took the girls to meet baby Hudson! HC fell asleep on the way and totally slept through the whole visit but Hadley was so excited to finally get to hold "Leslie's baby" that she had been waiting what seemed like forever to meet!

After we all loved on Hudson a bit, we hurried off to a birthday party for our sweet little friend Marley! Both of the girls had a great time eating cake and playing with the other kids! 
Pretty sure the piƱata an Blowpops were the biggest hit though!

After the party we had to go to Old Time Pottery to get some things for a wedding shower so the girls and I called my friend Melesa to tag along with us! Thankfully the girls each had a good little power nap on the way!

We finally got home after dark and I started playing florist while the girls got bathed and settled down. I am sure the neighbors thought I was crazy outside with my flashlight snipping blooms off of the plants!
We finally all crashed before we had to start another busy day on Sunday! 

I hosted a shower at church for my sweet friend Bethany Sunday afternoon. Thankfully I had some really great help and it all turned out great! (More on it to come in a later post) I was so very thankful this was an indoor event because it came a huge flood all afternoon on Sunday! And big thanks to a new bigger car...  I had that thing packed to the max!

We had a busy busy weekend but filled with lots of fun! Makes me tired just recapping it all!

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