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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

Wooohoooo Mommy finally got a new car!!

A couple of years ago, I convinced myself that I didn't need a big car.  So I sold my fully loaded (including DVD player) nice spacious seven passenger Buick Rendezvous and bought me a nice little basic features fuel efficient itty bitty Honda Civic.  As much as I loved my 40 miles per gallon little car, it just wasn't ideal for our busy life with two small children.  So after much deep thought and some wheeling and dealing, we finally traded in my trusty ole civic for a new Jeep Cherokee!  And I could not be happier!!!

I just really didn't realize how bad my little car was until I upgraded to my new car! I am so excited to have so much more room without giving up decent fuel economy and the comfort and convenience of the new jeep is just sooo nice! The girls love it! Jarrod loves it! Mommy loves it! Big win for the Harrison house!

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