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Monday, April 13, 2015

Eggs and Grapefruit-- the perfect breakfast

I have really been trying to cut out wheat and dairy from my diet.  I don't have celiac disease and I am not lactose intolerant... I can just tell that my body doesn't handle these things well.  They just make me feel yucky when I eat too much and I have just read too many bad things about how our bodies can struggle with digesting these things .  Yes I know everything I read on the internet is not true but I can tell that wheat and dairy just don't help me out much.

That being said... breakfast can be a little tougher to find.  It seems like our breakfast aisles are full of cereals, poptarts, pastries, and bagels.  Or if you don't want those, have a yogurt.  It's easy to eat on the go.  I already get up super early in the mornings so I don't really have time (or don't want to make time) to cook breakfast every morning.  I've tried smoothies but they seem to take too much time as well and don't fill me up. It's just mental with me hat I have to have food on a plate and not just a drink.  So I have found the perfect solution that I have been eating for breakfast most days for the last several weeks.  Boiled eggs with grapefruit.  I boil a batch of eggs at the first of the week so I can just throw them in my bag with a grapefruit in the mornings to have a easy healthy breakfast ready in seconds.

Plus there are a ton of health benefits that I have searched the internet (because it must be true if it's on the internet right?) and found for both grapefruit and eggs!
- Eggs are fulfilling and very few calories.
- Eggs contain a little bit of almost every nutrient important to our health.
- Eggs can help with brain development and memory.
- Eggs contain nutrients that benefit your eyes.
- Grapefruit strengthens the immune system.
- Grapefruit is known to boost metabolism.
- Grapefruit protects your body against kidney stones, gum disease, and some cancers.
- Grapefruit reduces STRESS!  And Lord knows I need that!!

So if you are looking for a good healthy breakfast, I highly recommend this easy combination! Throw in a cup of coffee and voila!

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