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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Big News!

So I have been completely MIA from this little spot for basically the whole month of October and I promise I am going to do some back blogging to catch up on it all but I promise we have a good excuse....

We have moved!

It has seriously been a crazy few weeks for us.  We had an offer on our house early in October from some people in Indiana.  So after a few weeks of going back and forth on offers and requested work, we thought we had come to a resolution on everything, only to have the buyers threaten to back out literally just a few days before closing (not to mention this was after we had already moved half of our stuff to the new house).  It was literally less than 24 hours before closing, when we were given the green light that everything was set to go through and so we called in the crew to help us move the rest of our house in a few short hours.  I need to take a moment to seriously say thank you Jesus for our tribe!  Our families and friends showed up with trucks and trailers and we literally just started throwing things in wherever they would go.  I do not know what I would have ever done without them and I am so very very thankful for them all! 

And now that all that is behind us, I am sooooo excited to be in our new home!

We bought our new home from a close family friend and everyone is just so thrilled! This house was the home of one of Jarrod's best friends growing up and is actually where Jarrod and I met for the first time (which we didn't even think about until like the day before we bought it).   We've spent many fun times at youth gatherings and just hanging out with friends in this home and I can't wait to share new memories here with my family.

This house has everything we have ever wanted in a home and I am so excited about making it our own.  It is a great home built in the late nineties and we have some fun little cosmetic updates planned in the coming months.  We have spent this first week just getting things in their place and trying to get somewhat settled in.  I love this home so much and am so looking forward to all that is in store for us in this house. 

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