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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

I always love Memorial Day weekend... I feel like it is the official kick off of summer!  We spent the weekend  hanging out and eating with family and friends, checking a few things off the to-do list, and getting ready for all the fun things coming up this summer.

The weather was sooo nice on Friday so the girls built a little homemade slip-n-slide out of garbage bags to play with while I did some painting and crafting for VBS coming up next week.  She was so proud of it.

Hadley went to a birthday party for a little friend of hers and had a blast playing on the water slide and eating snow cones.

Saturday night, we went Point Mallard to the Alabama Jubilee Festival to see the hot air balloons.  It was too windy for them to fly but I was so glad the rain and storms held off until we got home.  Hadley's Kindergarten teacher loves Pepsi so she made me snap a few pictures of her with the Pepsi balloon to send to Mrs. Howell.

On Sunday, we grilled with Jarrod's family for lunch before heading to my mom's for a shrimp boil to celebrate her birthday. We got to have our first official pool day of the year at her house for a little while before hanging out with some of our friends that were in town for the weekend.

I got up early on Memorial Day to run the Cotton Row Run 10K in Huntsville.  I've had several friends talk about how much they love this run so I was excited to finally get to participate.  It was very fun and patriotic and there were people sitting out on their front porches cheering the whole way. Besides some pretty tough hills, the race was super enjoyable and I finished way better than I thought I would.  This was my first ever official 10K race so I was really glad I did it!

I went and bought the girls a real slipping slide and they set it up after I got home.  We spent a little time playing with it and some more time swimming before crashing early for movie night at home.

We had a super fun weekend spent with so many people we love.  We are looking forward to a really great summer ahead!

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