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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dear Kindergarten Teacher... You are a Rockstar!

Dear Kindergarten Teacher,

Has anyone ever told you that you are one of the most amazing people in the world?  I sure hope they have because I am seriously in awe of you.  You spend your days with 20 little people and you grow them to be amazing little children.

You take these precious little babies and you turn them into kids.  You teach them letters and numbers and reading and writing.  You take little brains that don't know how to dot their i's and teach them the alphabet.  Then you show them how to make those letters into words and those words into sentences and those sentences into stories.  You show them how to put numbers together and count to really really big numbers. You show them how things work and tell them all about the world.

You teach them how to be independent and responsible.  You show them how to sit still and how to wait in line and how to do things for themselves.  You encourage them to learn and to be creative and make them feel like they are each the most special kid in the class.

You break up fights and fix booboos. You wipe bodily fluids that I wouldn't dare touch.  You clean dirty little hands and tie tiny little shoes.  You somehow train them to follow the rules and push in their chairs and to wait their turn.  You dry tears and make them laugh.  You are the coolest person in the world in their precious little sights... especially when you do really cool things like stand on the table to get their attention.

Dear Kindergarten teacher, you truly fascinate me.  Your patience and self control is greater than any I have ever observed. You don't get a break.   You don't get to go to work and relax on your lunch break.  Instead, you spend your precious time opening juice boxes and making sure they get the nutrition they need to help their little minds grow.

So sweet patient precious Kindergarten teacher, please know that your work does not go unnoticed. Your hard work and dedication sets the foundation for the rest of these little lives.  You love these babies and are so amazing with them each and every day. You really are magic. You are truly a rockstar my friend and am so very thankful for people like you!

** I wrote this a few days ago after spending some extra time with Hadley's Kindergarten class and turns out it is Little Letters week over at Taz and Belly and I love a good "link up" so I thought it would be fun to link up this month!  Please forgive me for not being smart enough to figure out how to post the cute little link up banner in my post.

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