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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Fun

We've had such a fun day!

Hadley had make up games today so we spent most of the day at the ballfield. They played great and won two really awesome games! They are really improving and it's so much fun to watch them play. Hadley was so proud she didn't have to use the tee one game and hit a foul ball "all the way to the grass" in the other game. And the weather was sooo nice! We finally got to wear our shorts and enjoy the sunshine!

The excitement was just a little too much for HC to handle and somehow she is the one who left the ballfield with the biggest boo boo! Good thing Babu was there to save the day.

We also got to watch Hadley's sweet school friends play between our games.

Tonight, we had a banquet at church for all the AWANA workers to get together and have dinner and have some fun. Meighan did a really great job planning it and we all had a really great time even if the whiffle ball game may have gotten a little intense. 

A fun day for sure but the Harrison's will sleep well tonight!

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