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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Here's to 29

I love birthdays! I mean what's better than celebrating another year of your life? Yes it can be a little bittersweet when you think about how fast it goes by but I just try to take in every moment and savor the memories each day.

Today has been a great birthday! I got to work to a desk covered with cards and treats. I really do have some very thoughtful coworkers that I am very thankful for. I got to enjoy a seriously delicious strawberry poppyseed chicken salad for lunch at Panera with some friends and then they  even let me stroll through Barnes and Noble a little bit after we ate so I could use my birthday gift card and coupon.

After work and between dance classes we had a little time to eat dinner at the Japanese place that we all love. That yum yum sauce and rice is soooo good!

(Apparently our little waitress didn't notice that she couldn't see Hadley in any of the pictures she took of us :) but we didn't want to ask again) 

I am so thankful to celebrate another year. I have really loved reading all the messages from everyone today. It's so nice to feel so loved! I have been so very blessed in my 29 years and can't wait to see what's in store for the next. 

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