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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


First, I want to apologize for this little modge-podge of ramblings below.  But I recently read something the other day that just really caught my attention.  

I read a blog post that said "The reality of it is... You can't pick and choose when you want to be a parent and when you don't."

When I signed up to be a mom, I signed up for a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week job.  My kids are my responsibility and my daily decisions pertaining to my children will play a huge role in who they become one day.  

And nobody ever said that choosing to be a parent was an easy job.

Sure it is easy to be a parent when your kids are playing quietly together in their room, the laundry without any stains is folded, your husband is cleaning up the kitchen after the healthy meal you just served to your children who actually ate it, and you are sitting in your bubble bath reading your book.  Being a parent is not quite as easy when they are throwing a fit over their pants you picked out, or running a fever with a stomach bug, or acting out in the middle of public place with everyone watching because you wouldn't let them have a piece of chocolate.  But the fact of this is that we don't get to choose which of those times we want to be parent.  

Parenting comes with both the good and the tough times.  

Parenting isn't about dressing your child up in cute clothes and posting their pictures on social media.  It's not about babysitting them with the iPad or giving in and giving them a cookie before supper because they want it. It's not about shipping them off to grandmas every weekend because you like to go out with your friends or letting them stay up past their bedtime because you just don't want to fight their procrastination.

Parenting is about spending quality time with your child and showing them that they are loved.  It is about teaching them right from wrong and that things don't always go their way.  It is about giving your child the attention they crave from us. It is about taking care of them and nurturing them and doing all those things even if you are tired or the game is on or you are catching up on your Facebook.   

Our kids crave our praise and attention more than anyone or anything.  We are their super hero and the one they admire the most.  What better praise is their than to be praised by the one who you think hung the moon?  The best way that I can show my kids that encouragement and attention they crave is by spending quality time with them.  Giving them my undivided attention and showing them that I really care.  Put the phone away.  Put the distractions away.  And spend that time with that little one just begging for your undivided attention.   

You only get so many moments with your kids.  Time flies by and before we know it, they will be out on their own.  I will never again have this time at this moment at this stage in life with my kids.  Play together. Travel together. Read together.  Even, just sit together.  Choosing to be a parent was one of the best decisions I ever made and I just pray that I look back on this time with joy and thankfulness for the precious moments we didn't waste.   

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