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Monday, January 25, 2016

Quite and Still

I know I have mentioned a number of times about my morning quite time routine but it is just such an important part of my everyday life that I can't help but share about it. Honestly, the early morning hours before everyone wakes up is the only time I get to myself to just sit in the quite, drink my coffee, and spend time with God.  The rest of the day is just so filled with so much other stuff going on.  Between work and dinner and chores and bed time routines, I just don't get any time to myself to just sit in a still quite room and listen.  

This morning quite time makes a huge impact on my whole day and I highly encourage everyone to carve out a little time of your day to just sit in the quite and spend some time with God.  I personally just like spending the time focusing on a couple of verses each day and praying for whatever is on my mind at the time.... Nothing fancy. Just me and God. When I hear a verse that sticks out to me, I jot it down in the back of my Bible and go back and study it during my morning quite times.  Starting my day in God's word gives me guidance and encouragement to take with me throughout my day and I find myself being slower to anger, more compassionate, and just in a better mood all together.        

If you don't know where to start, there are a ton of Bible study books and apps out there to help you.  My personal favorites are the Jesus Calling books and the You Version Bible app.  The app has a ton of different Bible study plans that you can choose from to follow each day.  If you are not a "morning person" try finding some time throughout the day or before bed but I just love the stillness of the early morning hour the best. I promise you will find that starting your day off like that will make your whole day turn out better!

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