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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Girls

I recently read another story about another sick child struggling for her life.  I can not imagine the pain and struggle that a family with a sick child goes through.  It just breaks my heart to even think about it.  But what always amazes me about these families is the faith they have and share.  Faith that God will take care of them and heal them.  And the confidence that God has a plan for that little life.  I pray that I never ever have to experience that but if I ever do, I pray that my faith shines through!
I am sooooo thankful for two healthy children.  I saw one mother post about her sick daughter and she said that she is not hers.  She is God's child and she is just the one chosen to raise her for this time.  I need to remind myself of that often.  God gave me my girls to guide them and teach but truly they are his children!  He has just trusted me to take care of them for awhile.  I pray that they both live long after I'm gone and face as few struggles as possible in life but I know one day those struggles will come and I just pray that I can help them through it with God's strength!

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