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Friday, October 10, 2014

Today I Stop Keeping Up With the Joneses

"Keeping Up With The Joneses"
I honestly don't really know where that came from but we hear it all the time!  And sadly, I feel like live it...
I feel like I am THAT mom who is constantly trying to keep up with everyone else.  We have to have the nice house and the nice car and the nice clothes... yes very sad I know... but just being honest.  Don't we all want the best?  Don't we all want what our friends (or even more our frenemies) have?  It's just human nature.  And especially with social media, and everyone displaying their best things and their new toys and splattering all over our news feeds how wonderful and lavish their lives are (even though we all know most of it is not near as good as they make it seem).. it's hard not to want that to.
But today I stop!  I am comitting myself to stop comparing what I have to what you have.  It doesn't matter.  It doesn't matter who makes more money or who has nice furniture or a fancier car... it just doesn't.  My family is clean and clothed and fed.  We are healthy and have way more than we could ever need!  Very sadly, I have put what my family has and does above other more important things.  Just being honest here... I am so ashamed of what a priority I have made it to keep up with everyone else!   
So today I make a concious effort to stop!  I honestly believe I will be much happier and content when I decide to stop doing that.  Just because you have a nice leather couch, doesn't mean I need one to.  My soft warm brown couch with marker and yogurt stains that we bought new two babies ago with cash is just fine.  So is my non-stainless steel fridge and my 100k miles Honda.  And it's really okay if we don't attend every single kid event that comes to town.  I don't think my girls will ever know that they only went to 3 Disney on Ice Shows this year instead of 5!
1 - Stop browsing Facebook so much.
2 - Stop comparing everything I have to everything you have.
3 - Stop... just stop!
4 - Be content... I have WAY more than I ever need and I actually do like the things I have!
5 - Christmas is coming... we don't have to have every toy and a bigger "Santa spread" than your kids! 
I know it will be way harder than just saying I am going to stop but I am definitely going to try and stop myself.  My goal is a happier, healthier, more frugal life! 
So today I stop Keeping Up With the Joneses.... they are broke anyways!

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