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Sunday, September 14, 2014


I officially have a new love.... COSTCO!! My Sam's Club membership expired back in July and I had debated whether to renew it or give Costco a try.  I have a few friends that just love Costco and brag on it all the time so I was really interested.  I had heard a ton of wonderful things about their clean and organic selections on everything!  So.... Living Social offered a deal this week for a $20 shopping card plus some other rewards when you purchase a membership.  Since I love a good deal, I decided this was my sign that I was supposed to join in on the Costco craze!  And....


I am so glad I gave in and joined Costco!  Their meats are all individually bagged and they have a huge selection of natural and organic meats so I loaded up on those.  They had a ton of great produce as well so I loaded up on some of it.  I also grabbed some frozen berries and smoothies that were all organic as well as some rice and seasonings that were also organic!  And best of all... I got it all without breaking the bank! I left there feeling like I had just been to the best party ever!  Definitely a great first experience!  I am so thankful with Costco, I can feed my family economically and healthy!  Win-Win!!

You can check out  the deal here!

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