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Thursday, June 16, 2016


Mom-Shaming... I've done it.  You've done it.  We've all done it!  We've been shamed for staying home and not showering for three days and complaining about not being able to do the laundry.  We've been shamed for going to work and leaving the kids at daycare where they might touch a germ and get sick.  We've been shamed for a bruise on our kid's noggin.  We've been shamed for protecting them too much.  We've been shamed for wearing mom jeans or not wearing mom jeans.  We've been shamed for feeding our kids processed gummies and McDonalds.  We've been shamed for making our own baby food and not letting them enjoy some sweets.  We've been shamed for signing them up for too many dance classes.  We've been shamed for not letting them participate on an extra travel ball team.  It's never ending!  It's frustrating!  It's just so unnecessary!  

So how about we make a pact right now.  I'll stop shaming you.  You stop shaming me.  Stop shaming the mama at the grocery store in her messy bun and yoga pants with screaming kids.  Stop shaming the mom late to the ball field in her dress slacks and heels.  Stop shaming the mom whose child just pouted because he didn't get his way.  Stop shaming the mom whose child just jumped on the table at the nice restaurant and screamed that she hated green beans.  Stop shaming the mama in her bikini.  Stop shaming the mama in her swim skirt.  Stop shaming the mama who goes out with her friends too much. Stop shaming the mama who doesn't ever leave her kids.  Stop shaming the mom who just watched her child be swept out from under her by an alligator on their dream vacation.  Stop shaming the mom who screamed and panicked as her child scurried into the gorilla cage.  Stop shaming the mom whose son thought it was a good idea to shoot a bunch of people.  

Just stop!  

Instead, let's support each other.  Let's encourage one another.  Let's stop worrying about how much better a mama we can make ourselves look to someone else and instead let's look for the good in others.  Let's share tips and love and stories that uplift, not put down.  Let's just stop the mom shaming because deep down we know that we are all just doing the best we can!

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