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Friday, May 13, 2016

Little Tots Graduation

I cannot believe that Hadley's time at Little Tots has finally come to an end.  They celebrated this week at a little party at the park and a sweet graduation ceremony.  We have so very much loved our time at Little Tots and Mrs. Mandy has been the best teacher for the past two years.  Hadley has made some of the sweetest little friends and I am so sad to see them go their separate ways next year.  I hope they can all stay in touch and always remember their first best school friends.

I gave Hadley a little interview on her last day of school that I look forward to looking back on over the years...

What was your favorite thing you did at school this year?  Making Penguins.
Who was your best friend?  Riley
What was your favorite thing you learned?  Sign Language because then I don't have to talk so much.
What is your favorite color? Purple and Pink
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Rockstar or Doctor
What is your favorite book?  Alice in Wonderland
What is your favorite toy at school? Baby Dolls
What is your favorite thing to play at school?  Tag on the playground
What was your favorite field trip?  The Pumpkin Patch
What do you love most about your teacher?  She is fun.
What will you learn in Kindergarten?  more sign language

I know Hadley will miss Mrs. Mandy and all her friends and fun times at Little Tots but I know she is very ready for Kindergarten and will love it too.  I am just glad Hunter Claire gets to start at Little Tots next year so we can stay for a few more years!

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