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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Long 2012

We had a great Christmas break.  I have very much enjoyed my time off of work spending time with family and friends and doing some much needed things around the house!

We started last Sunday off with Hadley's performance as a sheep in the Christmas program at church.  She was really disappointed she couldn't carry Baby Jesus but at least we got her on a stage for a few minutes.  She might not have been the star of the show but I am going to have to say she was the cutest little lamb (pink crocs and all).

This is what a little lamb looks like when you take her Baby Jesus away!

Beginning Sunday evening, we attended six different Christmas events including Nanu's house, Mee Mee and Nancy's, Papa and Mimi's, Annette's, the Harrison get together at church, and Babu and Gigi's house.  Not to mention we also added in a 2 hour visit to the doctor because we had a sick little girl and a birthday party for Jesus thrown in there as well!  Hadley got sooo many toys and gifts from everyone.  We are definitely very blessed with great family who love us very much.

And Santa came!!!

The rest of the week has been spent mostly at home organizing and playing with all of our new toys and trying to get over the crud we all caught.  Papa and Jarrod have been busy painting while I cleaned out all of our junk and got some new stuff to redecorate a little bit.  I have also cleaned out and organized all of the baby clothes and started working on getting everything ready for Hunter Claire to get here!  The weather has been cold and dreery all week so it was perfect weather for staying inside and doing some much needed things around the house.  I absolutely dread going back to work tomorrow but we definitely need to get back into a routine (Hadley has been staying up way late and sleeping until 8:30 or 9:00 everyday).  It has been a great break and I have loved getting to spend so much time with the people I love most!

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