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Monday, September 25, 2017

What a Weekend

We definitely had a once in a lifetime weekend this past week!

We have a pretty hot run off election for the Senator for Alabama right now.  So hot, that we've had several top politicians visiting Alabama over the last week or so.  One of those being the President of the United States!  It blows my mind that a primary election in Alabama is getting so much publicity but never the less, I took full advantage of the opportunity to see a sitting President.  And before anyone starts judging me or hating on me, let me take a moment to state that I don't agree with everything President Trump says or does nor am I a really even a supporter of either Senate candidate right now but I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for my children to say they have actually seen and heard the President of our country and I really wanted to let them experience that.

So, I registered for tickets and we headed over to Huntsville on Friday night to see the President.  I thought it would be crazy and chaotic with all the hype and excitement but the organizers and security people did a really great job with everything and we had no problems at all.  It was exciting to see all the Secret Servicemen and I really loved all the patriotism around but more than anything, I was so happy to see how excited my girls were and I am pretty sure they thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I hope they remember this many years from now!

I promise HC really did enjoy it.  She was still torn up from having to walk by herself through the metal detectors when I took this picture.

We had a busy day Saturday as well.  Hadley keeps saying she wanted to run a "big" race with me so I signed us up for the Jessica Elkins Memorial Fighting Meningitis 5K on Saturday.  HC really wanted to tag along as well so we loaded up the stroller and went.  Jessica died from meningitis several years ago as a teenager.  Her family has been friends of our family as long as I can remember so I was happy to get to get out and support their great cause.  The girls did so great too!  They ran most of it, walked some, and had a few breathers in the stroller but they really did sooo great and we even managed to finish in about 40 minutes!  I was actually pretty impressed with them and super excited to even bring home a few medals for our age groups!  It was a beautiful day and a great way to celebrate Jessica's life!

After the race, we spent the rest of the day celebrating some sweet little friends of ours.  Mason just turned six so we spent a little time at his house playing and celebrating before heading to a gymnastics party for one of Hadley's school friend Eleanor.  We had a great time and loved getting to have some extra playtime with their little friends.  And they both thought they had to wear their medals all day!

After the parties, we came home to watch the ballgame with some friends.  And a few of us may have snuck off for a few minutes for a late night Kreme Delight run?!?!

Sunday, we went to lunch with our Table group at church.  I forgot to take a picture but Jarrod and I had a really great time.  We have started a ministry at our church where we get together with couples from different age groups in our church.  It is a great way to mix the "young" with the "old" and really helps to foster those special relationships between generations.  This was our first time to get together but I am already looking forward to doing it again.

We finished up the weekend at AWANA!  The littles earned their new Cubbie vests (which HC refused to put on and chose to just carry it around all night instead).

It really was a great weekend!!

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