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Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Happenings

I have been so terrible at chronicalling my life lately. Between totally flopping on my whole 30 attempt, getting back in the swing of things, and spending as much time outside in this little mini spring going on in January, I just haven't found the time to share much! So time for a little catch up of our life through pictures...

 I'm still attempting to get my life and my nutrition together. Those things just so easily fall to the wayside. I really need to work on committing and creating better habits for myself but it's just been such a struggle for me lately. You know that feeling when you just feel like you can't catch up and just can't get it all together... When the laundry is never ending and the sink always seems to be overflowing with dirty dishes and your to do list just keeps growing and growing. That has so been me lately. Praying I can get it all organized soon!

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