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Monday, December 19, 2016

Sing We Now of Christmas

Man it has been a busy weekend.  According to my fitbit, I took over 50,000 steps since Friday AND I didn't even exercise any of those days!

WARNING -- Picture overload below :)

I had to work Friday morning but I took off a little early to try to get a little Christmas shopping done.  I headed to Bridgestreet for a bit before hurrying home to get to Hadley's dance class in time for visitor night.  I watched my little sassy pants dance around for a few hours before heading back to town with everyone to try to finish up my shopping (which by the way didn't happen).

Saturday morning, I got up and wrapped some presents and such before meeting my Calhoun girls for lunch.  I always love getting together with them so much.  We have all been the best of friends for over 10 years now and even though we don't get to get together as much as I would like, we pick right back up where we left off each time.  Our conversations have changed big time over the years but I love that we are all in the same season of life right now juggling work and kids and mom life.  I love these girls more than they will ever know!

Saturday evening, Mrs. Sam had a little party for all her babies she keeps.  It was so much fun for all the little ones to get together and play.  And Santa even stopped by for a visit!  We reached a huge milestone in our little world... for the first time EVER I was able to get a picture of both girls on Santa's lap without anyone screaming!

Sunday was another busy day.  I got to church early to get all the costumes and stuff ready for the kids' Christmas program.  It was a busy and hectic morning but all so worth it when those little ones got on that stage to sing and perform their little Christmas pageant.  I was so proud of them.  They have been working really hard for several weeks and I thought the program went great!  Of course my hard headed baby refused to go on stage and decided to sit in my lap the whole time instead, but Hadley rocked her little solo and all the other kiddos did so well!  It is just so rewarding to see it all come together!  I was so proud of them all.

After church, we headed to my aunt's house for a family gathering.  It was great to spend some time with my family and the girls enjoyed playing with their cousins they don't get to see often.  I kept getting so tickled at Hunter Claire talking about her cousin Jude being her best friend.  They little ones had fun playing with their play dough while the grown ups all ate lots of good food and catch up.

Sunday night, we headed back to church for our annual Christmas candle light service.  It is always one of my favorite things we do.  We take the Lord's Supper and sing Christmas carols and then have some time to fellowship with our church family.  Santa stopped by for a visit but HC decided she wasn't quite up to sitting in his lap again.  So she just sat and watched all the other kids like it was a show.  

Needless to say, we came in and crashed early Sunday night!  I am looking forward to slowing down for a few days before the Christmas festivities begin again this weekend.  I love this time of year and seeing everyone but I just so wish it would slow down!  It seems to just pass by so fast.  I am hoping to slow down and savor it all a little more this week.

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