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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas in Kindergarten

I am seriously in awe that we are finishing up the last week of the first semester of school.  Seriously, didn't we just start like last week?

This has been a big week for the Kindergartners!  On Tuesday night, they performed their little Christmas program for us at PTO.  They all did SO great and Hadley got lots of compliments on her dance skills!  And some seriously awesome parent shared it on YouTube for all of us to see! (Hadley is on the top left)

Wednesday was Polar Express day at school so the kids got to wear their PJs and ride on the little train.  Hadley was so proud of her night gown!

I had taken off today with plans to attend Hadley's program for the school, run some much needed errands, and help out with both girls' school parties. So after getting us all ready, I dropped HC off at Little Tots and headed to Hadley's school for her play.  About the time I walked through the doors, HC's teacher called me to say she had thrown up at school!  Ugh!  There is nothing I hate more than puke!  Thankfully we had some family already at the play so I rushed off to get HC.  I dropped off the party crafts I had signed up to help out with and loaded her in the car with a big ole garbage bag.  Poor thing had to miss her first Christmas party but she was pretty pumped she got to come home and open her present.  Thankfully (knock on wood fingers crossed) we didn't have any more incidents after we left school so I did some things around the house while HC lounged around (and by lounge, I actually mean run around like a crazy person and drag out every toy we have ever owned).  Jarrod came home at lunch so I could head off to Hadley's party in time to pick up my stuff and help set up some.

The kids had fun eating cookies and playing games.  A few days ago, Hadley brought me a bag of her money and asked me to go get her teacher a Winnie the Pooh ornament.  Her teacher loves Pooh Bear and has her room all decorated with all sorts of Hundred Acre Woods decor.  We love Mrs. Howell and I was so proud of Had for being so thoughtful towards her teacher.

Like I say every time I spend some time at the kids' schools, you teachers are amazing people!  I really don't know how you do it every day.  I hope you all thoroughly enjoy your days off because you deserve a serious break!

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