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Monday, March 7, 2016

And so it begins..

Hadley has been asking for a while to play tball but I've been pretty reluctant about signing her up. This spring, she finally convinced us to let her play. We have been playing in the yard a good bit and talking to her about listening and paying attention so I was pretty anxious to see how she would do at real practice. 

It was definitely entertaining to see the least... especially when she ran to first base and kept going to the grass. Poor thing. Everyone has these real high expectations for her on the ball field. Before she was even born, people would tell Jarrod and I what a great athlete they expected our kids to be. Then we were blessed with the girliest girl there ever was. 

She said she had lots of fun and made some new friends so that's what really matters right?!? Now, Jarrod and I have to just convince ourselves of that as well!

I'm looking forward to lots of fun days on the ball field this spring!

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