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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Eat Right For Your Type

Between prepping for my first half marathon, battling some not fun tummy issues, and feeling like I have absolutely no energy, I have been doing a good bit of research on the best diets to help me out.  I don't mean necessarily a weight loss diet, but a healthy and wholesome diet that will help me to get the most out of my body.  I am a firm believer in what we eat makes a huge impact on our daily lives.  If we fill our bodies with junk, we can't help but to feel yucky and sluggish.  Or at least I know that is how I tend to feel.

I have really been reading a lot on Blood Type Diets and the benefits of eating the right food for your specific blood type.  There are several websites and books out there to better explain it but basically, there are four different blood types and each blood type has specific characteristics and this "Eat Right for your Type" plan helps you to tailor your diet to your exact biological profile so you can get the most out of your body... AKA more energy, less illness, and a healthier you!

I am blood type O.  My blood type is considered the "hunter" and needs a high protein diet and high intensity physical exercise.  Each blood type has beneficial, neutral, and avoid foods.  So for type O, foods such as lean beef, salmon, broccoli, and figs are beneficial while it recommends avoiding most dairy, beans, and grains.  I am looking forward to trying out eating this way and seeing how my body reacts.  It will definitely take some time and education to really get it down pat but I hope to really work on adding and eliminating certain foods from my every day diet and see how well my body responds. 

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