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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pictures and Pumpkins

Of course the one Saturday this month that we have plans to do something outside, it is absolutely freezing but we had a good time anyways!  We started out this morning getting Halloween pictures made.  I was so glad to get Hadley's pictures made in her costume so we don't have to spend forever trying to get a picture on Halloween.  Very worth paying someone else to do this for me!  Hadley was very excited about wearing her pig costume!  I told her she had to sit still and smile for her pics and she took me a little too literally.  She wouldn't even change her pose the whole time!

This afternoon, we went to the pumpkin patch with Laura Leigh, Mason, and Magen.  Hadley and Mason had adorable matching pumpkin outfits to wear but considering it was 50 degrees and super windy, we left those at home and just bundled up in our warm clothes instead.  Hadley loved seeing the animals and playing on the playground.  And of course riding on the hay ride through the "cotton candy" fields to pick our pumpkin that we ended up not even buying.
The big truck full of cotton was a great idea! 

                                I think LL loved the pigs more than anything! 

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