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Monday, December 10, 2012

Catching Up

I've been lazy the last few days and haven't had a chance to catch up on my blog...

Thursday night was the Athens Christmas Parade.  Babu always dresses up like Santa at a friends house so the kids can go see him before the parade.  Last year Hadley wanted absolutely nothing to do with him!  So this year, I had really been talking up going to see Santa at the parade.  It didn't work... she sat outside on the porch the whole time!  She even knew it was Babu but still refused to go in and see him.
So we met Amy, Alli, and Whit outside for the parade.  The weather was sooo nice!  I don't ever remember going to a Christmas parade that it was not freezing cold.  It always seems like the first Thursday in December was the coldest one of the year but this year we hardly even needed a jacket!

We all had a good time... especially enjoying the $2 cotton candy!!

Jarrod went down to Auburn to the high school football state championship games on Friday and Tanner won!!  This was their first state championship in football.  They always are so good and get so close to winning it all, so I was proud of them for finally winning!  Go Rattlers! So since Jarrod went to the game, Hadley and I had a girl's night with Chelsey shopping!  I am afraid I bought more stuff for me than I actually did Christmas presents but Belk had some things on sale that I REALLY needed so I don't feel too bad about it.  Plus I did get a few presents.

Saturday, we slept in until almost 9:00!  It was sooo nice to sleep in!  After we got up, I wrapped presents until I ran out of tape and had to go to Walmart. After that, we went to Bradson's birthday party at Laura Leigh's house.  Hadley was so excited to go.  She loves birthday parties and loves playing with Bradson so of course she loved going to Bradson's birthday party.
I can't believe he is 5!!

Please notice Hadley going for the cake!

Hadley went home from the party with MeeMee and Nancy to spend the night since I had our Sunday school Christmas outing.  We went to the Melting Pot at Bridgestreet.  It is a fondue restuarant where you pretty much have to cook your own food.  It is a neat experience and the dessert is absolutely AMAZING!!  They mix up a chocolate and marshmellow creme fondue dip and bring out all kinds of goodies to dip in it like marshmellows, strawberries, rice krispies, and cheesecake.  I think next time I go back, I will just get dessert!
Sunday afternoon, I went to pick Hadley up from Mee Mee and Nancy's after church.  She always has a big time when she goes over there and pretty much gets to do whatever she wants.  She even got to wear all her Christmas jewelry to church!
We had a lazy afternoon when we got home and Hadley took a really good nap so I finished up my wrapping while Jarrod went hunting.  I only have a few more gifts to go and I will officially be finished with my Christmas shopping!  Hopefully I can finish that up this weekend.  Today has been a cold and rainy day.  I am definitely going to miss the nice weather we have had.  I am not a fan of the cold! 

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