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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Class Dismissed!

Tonight was my last class for this semester. I took two classes this fall, one online and one in class. I finished up all of my assignments last week so all I had to do was turn my test in tonight. It's such a relief to scratch another class off my list! I am very ready for a break from classes for a few weeks. I only have 3 more and I will finally be finished with my masters! I have signed up for one in the spring. Not sure if that was the smartest thing to do on my part but I think I'll be fine... especially since I won't be working for most of it!

Anyways we had a family dinner at McDonald's and then went to Eli's ballgame last night. I'm so proud of him for playing on varsity but it stinks that his games don't usually start until almost 8! We hardly ever make it through a whole game. Hadley loves to watch the cheerleaders way more than she cares about the ballgame but she usually has a big time! Last night she decided she really needed to wear her pearls to the game... must have wanted to impress the boys!

Tomorrow we are planning to go to the Athens Christmas parade. I think Hadley will love it! She has been so excited about all the Christmas lights this year. We are also going to try our first attempt with SANTA (aka Babu). So we will have to see how that goes! Last year's attempt was not successful at all! Pray she doesn't have a complete come apart again!

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