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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Today was yet another busy and cold day!  We got up and went to church this morning.  I had to stay in Children's Church which completely overwhelms me.  I'm okay with one toddler and maybe two toddlers but FIVE.. not so much!  After church, Hadley wanted to go to Babu and Gigi's so she went there while I went to Calhoun for our Alumni Game.  I have only been graduated from there for 5 years but man did I feel old!  I didn't play or I probably would have felt even more old!  I was in kindergarten before some of those girls were even born.  But its always fun to see everyone each year and catch up.  Not many from my class got to come today but it is still fun to see everyone.

Tonight we put our pig costume on again and went to the Trunk or Treat at Babu and Gigi's church.  My little piggy was adorable and had a big time.  She didn't care as much about getting candy as she did riding the train and climbing on the slide!

Yes that is my very brave two year old up at the top!

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